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Czech Aerospace Research Centre (VZLU)

ID: 00010669

Registered at:  Beranovych 130, Prague - Letnany, postal code 199 05



Company ID: 04521820

Registered at Beranovych 130, Prague - Letnany, postal code 199 05


announce that on 5.11.2020 was ascertained from business correspondence that within the sale of cleaning products distributed under the brand LUMINOUS AVIATION / LUMINOUS AVIATION REMIUM, counterfeit certificates containing combination of our companies identification data are presented in order to invoke a false impression that these products were tested or approved by VZLU or VZLU TEST. (see link  123)

Both companies make the following statement:

- The given products have never been tested by VZLÚ or VZLU TEST.

- The above mentioned companies never had a business relationship with a Brazilian company mentioned in the certificates.

VZLÚ and VZLU TEST therefore have nothing in common with mentioned documents and the companies both completely distance themselves from its content.

Czech Aerospace Research Centre                              VZLU TEST