tests, measurement, analyses

Chemical analyses, pollution measurement of hydraulic oil, fuel and other working liquids


We offer:

  • Assay of chemical composition of Fe-, Al-, Cu- based materials by means of optical emission spectrometry (OES) analysis
  • Assay of metallic elements in materials (after dissolution in acid mixture) through atomic absorption spectrometry (AAS) method
  • Assay of metallic elements in sewage waters through AAS
  • Determination of degree of impurity in working liquids – number and size of particles according to respective standards
  • Microscopic analysis – filtering on ultra-filter, micro-photography
  • Determination of particle nature – appropriate chemical analyses by atomic absorption spectrometry
  • Measurement in special sample container of the samples sent



  • Optical emission spectrometer BAIRD-Foundrymate (USA) with two optical systems of focal lengths of 0.75 m (air) and 0.5 m vacuum)
  • Two-channel atomic absorprion spectromezet PERKIN-ELMER (USA)
  • Calibration to NAS 1638 (after recalibration in ISO 4406)
  • Laminar box TELSAR AH-100
  • Photomicroscope with 1000 times magnification
  • Software import 4.0



  • Machinery manufacturers
  • Suppliers and stores of metallurgical material
  • Galvanic and chemical surface treatment mills
  • Aircraft maintenance firms 
  • Firms developing and operating hydraulic systems 
  • Firms operating transport hydraulics systems 
  • Firms dealing with fuel production and storage 
  • Firms developing and operating filtration devices



Ing. Miroslav Valeš, Ph.D.
director of VZLU TEST, a.s.
Tel: +420 225 115 267, +420 724 966 830,  fax: +420 225 115 430
e-mail: vales@vzlutest.cz


Ing. Pavel Malý
Head of  Environmental  Testing Laboratory
Tel: 225 115 113, +420 724 278 559, fax: +420 225 115 430
e-mail: maly@vzlutest.cz