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Environmental and corrosion tests of products and surface treatment


We offer:

  • complex environmental and corrosion tests of product construction

  • environmental and corrosion tests of surface treatment

  • spectral analyses of Fe, Al, and Cu based materials

  • particular environmental tests:

    • test of simulated solar and UV radiation

    • temperature, humidity, and thermal shock tests

    • covering test

    • sand and dust test

    • water resistance tests (falling water drop, swinging tube, spurting water)

    • ozone test

    • salt spraying test

    • sulphur dioxide test



  • VÖTSCH VSC/KWT450 and ERICHSEN Corrotherm610 chamber for salt spraying tests (450 dm3 and 480 dm3), Gebr. Liebisch GmbH & Co. KG Labortechnik, type SKB 1000 ATR (1000 dm3) and Unique Electronics Limited UQS0600-X

  • LIEBISCH KB300 chamber – tests in SO2 atmosphere (300 dm3)

  • Vötsch Industrietechnik, WEISS Umwelttechnik, CTS and Angelantoni climatic chamber (160, 250, 570, 1000, 1500, and 2500 dm3, -80 °C to +180 °C, relative humidity up to 98 %)

  • WEISS SB 22 570/40 Pi chamber for solar radiation tests (testing area aprox. 600 x 600 mm, 300-3000 nm, 1,12 kW/m2)

  • ATLAS CTS+ chamber for UV radiation effect tests (testing area 200 x 280 mm, 300-800 nm, up to 765 W/m2)
    chambers for cold/heat tests - Memmert, EPS, WSU, Frigera, etc.

  • Vötsch and WEISS chambers for thermal shock tests (3 x 300 and 3x 200 dm3)

  • WEISS chamber for ozone tests (160 dm3)

  • WEISS ST 1000 U-S/1000 chamber for sand and dust tests

  • PTL Dr. Grabenhorst chamber for water effects testing


Standards (most frequent types of tests):

ČSN EN 60068-2-30

Environmental testing - Part 2-30: Tests - Test Db: Damp heat, cyclic

ČSN IEC 68-2-38

Electrotechnical and electronic products. Basic environmental testing procedures. Part 2-38: Test Z/AD: Composite temperature/humidity cyclic tes

ČSN EN 60068-2-1

Environmental testing - Part 2-1: Tests - Test A: Cold

ČSN EN 60068-2-2

Environmental testing - Part 2-2: Tests - Test B: Dry heat

ČSN EN 60068-2-14

Environmental testing - Part 2: Tests - Test N: Change of temperature


Corrosion tests in artificial atmospheres - Salt spray tests

ČSN ISO 6988

Metallic and other non-organic coatings. Sulfur dioxide test with general condensation of moisture

ČSN EN 60529

Degrees of protection provided by enclosures (IP Code)

ČSN EN IEC 60068-2-5

Electrotechnical and elektronic products. Basic environmental testing procedures. Part 2-5: Test Sa: Simulated solar radiation at ground level level

ČSN EN ISO 11341

Paints and varnishes - Artificial weathering and exposure to artificial radiation - Exposure to filtered xenon-arc radiation

ČSN EN 50102

IEC 62262

 Degrees of protection provided by enclosures for electrical equipment against external mechanical impacts (IK code)

ASTM B 117

Standard Practice for Operating Salt Spray (Fog) Apparatus


Standard Practice for Modified Salt Spray (Fog) Testing


Testing of Resistance to Environmental Cycle Test (+80/-40) °C


Kondensatoren, Wasser- und Ladeluftkuhler aus Al-Legierungen. Korrosionsprufung (SWAAT)


Body and Add-on Parts Corrosion Test


Nekovové materiály Zkouška osvitem pro konstrukcní díly vnitrního prostoru vozidla

DIN 50021

Salt Spray Testing

DIN 50014

Climates and their technical applications. Standard atmospheres

DIN 50017

Klimate und ihre technische Anwendung. Kondenswasser - Prufklimate

DIN 50018

Prufung im Kondenswasser - Wechselklima mit schwefeldioxidhaltiger Atmosphare

DIN 40050



Environmental Conditions and Test.Procedures for Airborne Equipment


Environmental Engineering Considerations and Laboratoty Tests


Chemical Conversion Coatings on Aluminium and Aluminium Alloys


Anodic Coatings for Aluminium and Aluminium Alloys


  • companies interested in surface treatment of engineering products which are exposed to influence of atmosphere

  • manufacturers of systems and devices destinated for operating at extreme conditions

  • subassembly’s suppliers for automotive and other fields



Ing. Miroslav Valeš, Ph.D.
director of VZLU TEST, a.s.
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e-mail: vales@vzlutest.cz


Ing. Pavel Malý
Head of  Environmental  Testing Laboratory
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