tests, measurement, analyses


Let us thank you for your cooperation in this year, and wish you good luck, love and success in personal and bussiness life in the following year 2020. Your VZLU TEST.

Our customers

Our typical customers include companies from the automotive industry, aerospace industry, manufacturers of systems and products for railway and rolling stock ...

Our services

We perform tests of products, parts, materials, etc., according to the standards, regulations and customer specifications.

Vibrations, shocks, accelerations

We perform tests of mechanical resistance of products and their components, particularly vibrations, shocks, and linear acceleration (centrifuge), ...

Environmental tests

We provide climatic and corrosion tests, eg. heat, cold, temperature variation, UV radiation, dust, ozone, IP protection, corrosion testing (salt fog, SO2) ...

Pressure tests

We provide hydraulic and pneumatic pressure tests, incl. tests by static or dynamic pressure, destructive test, ...

LPG/CNG systems

Tests of components and systems for alternative fuel vehicles on LPG and CNG

Electric tests

We test electrical products and systems according to the requirements of the standards, aviation and other standarts ...


We perform calibration, especially temperature, weight, pressure, electric quantities, ...